Hello Philadelphia!

Hello Philly!
Welcome to Phillyhoods

Philadelphia Phillyhoods. Philly and it's neighbors

It takes a hood to make a city

the place to learn do it yourself  marketing, 

Share your stories with other Philadelphians,

view photos & videos of REAL Philadelphia

(not the canned tourist videos)

Music from Philly artists, reviews about

local philly clubs,restaurants and fun places.

At Phillyhoods we don’t hold back, we are not

politically correct, we call it as we see it.

If this offends you please visit another site.

Phillyhoods is 4real. 

If you would like your business listed here

please send us an invite. We will not recommend

any establishment that we would not visit

ourselves. Money is not good here.

Our goal is to break Philly down by neighborhood

and list the best and worst of that neighborhood. 

We are glad to hear from you and your comments.

 As long as they are about Philly and not spam

about your website it will be posted in full.

The Phillyhoods.